The Pro’s Perspective – Vol. 2 Part II

February 16th, 2011 by Ben

Racquetball Warehouse Sponsors 4 players on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) and 1 player on the Women’s Professional Racquetball Tour (WPRO). In this series we let you into a glimpse of their lives, impressions, challenges and victories throughout their careers as professional athletes. Our sponsored players are:

Rocky Carson – IRT #2 –
Ben Croft – IRT #3 –
Chris Crowther – IRT #5 –
Jose Rojas – IRT #9 –
Rhonda Rajsich – WPRO #2 – WPRO Pro Player Gallery coming soon..

In our last Pro’s Perspective Article we were unable to include our phenom Ektelon player – Jose Rojas. Here is his story:

I feel like I ended 2010 on a great note, making almost every quarter  and a semi. I do wish I could have done much better in Colombia, but  even then I felt as my ankle was going to fall off. I really had no  control over that. After the US Open,which I didn’t play at my best, I  felt as if I could do much better than what I have been and proved it  at the next tournament in Chihuahua. That has to be my highlight of  2010  when I made the Semi and came really close to making the first  final in my career, losing in 5 to Alvaro Beltran. I am really looking  forward to the next half of the season in 2011 as I feel stronger and  more confident then ever. Although the month of January has been  pretty much a slump for me losing in the 16′s 2 out of the three  tournaments, I still feel mentally stronger than I did in Chihuahua.

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