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2013 Asics Racquetball Shoes: It Keeps Getting Better

May 22nd, 2013 by Racquetball Warehouse

Asics has been a favorite brand of RbW customers for years now, and this year promises to be the best-to-date. These new shoes we’re about to show you are top performers on the court and head turners to boot. Oh, and what else? That’s right…they’re bringing out a MID. Check out the impressive new features of these Asics shoes arriving at our warehouse in June. To start, let’s take a look at the technology packed Gel Blast 5:


A new technology in the Asics line is the Flexion Fit Upper which, combined with their patented RhynoSkin, delivers a soft comfortable fit without sacrificing any support. This performance upper is combined with the substantial Trusstic System to give stiffness where it counts- in the heel and midfoot. Finally, the IGS: Impact Guidance System, which distributes impact loads to maintain stability, and the Wet Grip Outsole ensure that these shoes will always stay under you when you need them most. We love the look of these shoes and know you will love the feel when you try them on, so place your order today! *We did find them to fit a 1/2 size large so keep that in mind when you order.


Moving on (and this is the part we’re really excited about), in Asics’ great wisdom they have brought us a traditional racquetball shoe in a modern platform: The Gel Volleycross Revolution MT (Blue/Lime , White/Black). Yes, MT stands for Mid Top.


This extra ankle support has been harder and harder to find but it’s making a comeback. Not only do these hug your ankles tightly, but the midsole also provides more cushioning than any other Asics shoe. If you are looking for maximum cushioning and stability then your prayers have been answered. The agressive tread on these really sticks to the court, and with two bold cosmetics, any player should find an excuse to give these shoes a run for their money. *We did find them to fit a 1/2 size large so keep that in mind when you order.


As this is a sneak peek, we don’t have these in stock quite yet. We expect to be able to ship them to you by mid June, but get your orders in now as these are going to sell quickly. Also, be sure to check back soon since we have one more new Asics shoe to show you – we just enjoy keeping everyone on their toes.

That concludes our first 2013 Asics Shoe line sneak peek! For more information on any of these shoes, be sure to check out the website, or contact us anytime. We are always happy to help!

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(800) 824 1101 | info@racquetballwarehouse.com | facebook.com/RacquetballWarehouse



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A New Perspective: My Introduction into Racquetball Warehouse

September 7th, 2011 by Jackson


For anyone who plays or has played racquetball, you know, or can at least appreciate, how great of a sport it is.  When the number one player is hitting serves topping out at 193 mph, it’s definitely the fastest of the racquet sports out there.  There’s nothing better than being able to get on a court and blow off some steam from the work week by hitting a little rubber ball as hard as you can.  Between kill shots, splats, ceiling shots, and all the different angles in a modest 40×20 box, your brain is formulating angles and strategy at a speed that puts Superman to shame.  You have to develop the hand-eye coordination to be able to hit balls coming at you from the front wall, as well as having the timing down to hit balls traveling away from you off the back wall, while aiming at a spot just inches above the floor.  Racquetball is also one of the best sports to play for fitness as it gives your body both an aerobic and anaerobic work out – utilizing different fuel sources.  It also has the potential to get your heart-rate up to 85% of its capabilities, burning calories at a relatively astounding rate.  So when you really break it down, racquetball is one of the best sports for your mind, body, and soul; so why does it seem to have the popularity of the Math Club in high school?

There’s a multitude of theories for why racquetball is off the grid.  For one, it’s not easy televising a sport where half the time the ball is traveling so fast you can’t see its path, let alone appreciate what’s going on inside the court; the cost of prime-time television spots doesn’t help either.  Also (and maybe more importantly) its exclusivity, which is a big barrier for many, as most courts tend to reside in members-only sport clubs.  Of course, there’s also the equipment, though there are many cheap options available, equipment can get to be a little pricey.

Now, I feel, is an appropriate time to come clean and confess; I was not born into the world of racquetball – my loyalties rested with its pretty, proper, country-club older brother, tennis.  I resisted against racquetball tooth and nail with the fear that my skills as a tennis player would become muddled with the different techniques and virtually opposite strokes of racquetball.  However after being introduced, playing in tournaments, and harnessing my competitive nature, a new respect for the sport has put down roots, and I feel will soon grow into a love for racquetball.  Being thrown into the racquetball crowd and culture was a bit of a shock, and I have to confess to the nerves I experienced when one starts something completely new.  As my athleticism now starts to translate to this new game I feel a strong urge to make waves in this sport.  My newly founded enthusiasm is one that my predecessors and current co-workers here at Racquetball Warehouse have possessed and have been trying to spread since even before the company’s inception in 2004.

This drive and desire to grow the sport is fueled by an uncorrupted passion, an almost naivety of a sheltered child in a new world.  Working for Racquetball Warehouse gives myself and the rest of the staff here a unique opportunity to reach out and help to make others see all the benefits, and most importantly, the fun this sport provides.  Everyone I’ve met through tournaments and in the clubs have shown how much the love for this sport can blur lines between age, race, and gender and promote friendly competition while keeping yourself healthy and active.  Now that we’re in a time in American history where approximately 3/4′s of our nation’s states have obesity rates of 25% or higher, I think it’s time that everyone picked up a racquet and joined our seemingly underground movement of battling in a sweat box.  It’s our mission at Racquetball Warehouse as racquetball players and fans, to help grow the sport for the benefit of the sport itself, as well as the well-being and health of people all over the world; our goals and desires go beyond the world of business.  Yes, we offer the best customer service in the business and guarantee the lowest prices, but we also put ourselves out there as individuals and are constantly brainstorming and strategizing as to how we can motivate as many people as possible to enjoy all the fruits that this fast, fun, and slightly dangerous sport, has to offer.

-Jackson, RBW.

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In-Shape WPRO Championships presented by Ektelon

April 25th, 2011 by John Ellis

Hey Racquetballers, I hope you all had a Happy Easter Sunday and a nice weekend off from tournament play.  I’m not sure how many tournaments were taking place this past weekend with the exception of the IRF Pan Am Champs in Nicaragua, but that one event had a huge upset victor in Mexico’s Daniel De La Rosa.  De La Rosa was able to win the Men’s Singles with a victory over both US and Canada’s top players en route.  His victory over Crowther in the finals is probably the biggest finals upset that event has ever witnessed.  De La Rosa will certainly be a threat to win the 18 & Under World Champs this summer and will be an outstanding professional during his career.  He plays with poise, smart game plans and a little chip, which is exactly what you need to succeed in professional racquetball.  I look forward to watching my dudes from Stockton play Daniel a bunch over the next 15 years!!

But now on to what I really meant to write about and that’s the upcoming In-Shape WPRO Championships this coming weekend here at our home club in Stockton, CA.  This is the third year in a row and fifth out of six years that we’ve hosted a Tier One WPRO Stop either in Stockton or Sacramento.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have nice support from a few local business owners and a few “friends of racquetball” when it comes to raising the $10K to host the WPRO.  This area loves professional racquetball whether its the men or the women and I know we’ll have great crowds throughout the weekend.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care who made the finals as we’re no different from other WPRO cities in that we want to see the big rivalry between Paola and Rhonda go down here in the 209.  It was an awesome final last year with Paola outlasting Rhonda in a tough fought five game battle.  But, I do know that there are a few other gals on the WPRO that are capable of taking one or both of them down so whomever reaches the final, we know we’ll be in for a great match.

I get asked a lot why I host a WPRO Stop and not an IRT Stop.  There are a few key answers, but it should be clear that I would love to host an IRT Stop and believe that we will eventually bring back the Stockton Pro-Am, which used to be the longest running pro stop in the game.  But for now, my ties are connected to the women’s game and the WPRO.  The fact that racquetball has become even more of a man’s game over the past 10 years is really a sad situation and one that I want to help drastically change.  I grew up at a club where we had almost as many women playing racquetball as men and the atmosphere at the club was awesome because of this.  The social aspect of racquetball is one major factor that drew me and my parents to the game of racquetball and that social atmosphere is barely alive, even at the national level.  I believe that this mostly has to do with the lack of women at events.  It’s just not that much fun to have a tournament with 95% of the players being men.  Our WPRO Stop takes on a different vibe because of having so many women in the club at the same time.  I can’t explain it in detail other than it’s just that natural feeling of men and women being involved in the same thing, making most everyone feel like they’re apart of something special.  Of course my dad has held the position over the past two years as Deputy Commissioner for the WPRO and that certainly influences my decision to host a WPRO Stop.  And, yes I’m apart of the Ektelon Management Staff so it makes sense to have a WPRO Stop with Ektelon being the Official Ball of the WPRO.  But, I’m very pro IRT and look forward to the year that we get back to hosting the guys here in Stockton.  I believe the IRT is heading in a good direction and their schedule looks solid for next season, plus we have plenty of players here in Stockton that would love to play a pro stop at their home club.  It will eventually happen…….

But for now, let’s embrace women’s racquetball here in Stockton and prepare to enjoy a great weekend event.  We need it around here as the Shootouts have taken over the tournament scene and the nature of shootouts is not very social at all.  Having said that, we need the women of Nor Cal to sign up and support this tournament.  The numbers are not great for this event as we’re at about 120 players today, which happens to be the deadline date.  Hopefully we’ll see a spike in the number of entrants today, especially with the amateur women.  Come on ladies, what better way to get motivated about your racquetball game then to watch the best females in the game at the same event you’re playing??

Lastly, I’m very thankful to Racquetball Warehouse for being apart of our sponsorship team.  As the Official Retailer of the In-Shape WPRO Championships presented by Ektelon, they provide a ton of stability for this event and a service that most tournaments don’t have anymore.  RW has been a great partner for me over the past seven years and to be honest, without them in my life, I might be out of RB at this point and doing something else for my living.  I can’t thank them enough!!  Please support RW whenever possible and feel free to use my referral code of RWEllis whenever you order online.  This code does not make me any income, it’s there for you!!

If you’ve read this far down my blog today then I want to thank you for taking the time to read my rant!!  Best wishes to all of the RBers and remember to Keep Em Rollin…………………….

John Ellis

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His Name is David Bobby Horn – The Other Stockton Baller

March 11th, 2011 by John Ellis

I realize there are many good young players around the states and definitely in Mexico and I’m not trying to claim Stockton, CA as the best of the young guns.  BUT, we do have solid representation in the age range of 17-21.  It all begins with Jose Rojas of course.  He’s earned that recognition so far with his countless Junior National and World Titles, two Collegiate National Titles and his solid start to an IRT career with a #8 ranking and his upset wins over Jack Huczek, Ben Croft, Shane Vanderson and the Commish, Jason Mannino.  Jose has lost a few matches to players that will not have the career he’ll have, but let’s not forget that he’s only 20 years old, a full time college student, a kid from the East Side of Stockton who’s parents have kept a close blanket over him so that he stays alive and involved in a serious relationship, which always takes one’s attention.  Now, I’m not saying Jose is a sure thing future #1 player, that’s yet to be determined.  He hasn’t had the start that the greatest of all times have had, meaning he’s not Hogan, Swain, Monchik, Waselenchuck or Huczek.  Those guys won stops early, before their 20’s, but he’s also in the era of the greatest of all time in Kid Kane. BTW, Yellen is apart of the greatest of all time list, but I believe he did his first winning after the age of 20, but I’m also not 100% sure of that. The point is that Rojas will be a top 5 player in due time and he will win stops.  He’s in this game for the long haul and those that think he won’t be a major force by the time he’s 27-28 are crazy.  He’s only 20, he’ll peak in eight years!!

Enough about Rojas, someday he’ll be happy with just being the best player in his own family with brother Markie already taking a tournament match from him…… I’m writing today to talk about this Horn kid from Stockton.  David “Bobby” Horn is now 21 years old and I speak from experience when I say that he is already one of the fastest humans on the court that I’ve ever scene.  It’s raw speed and he doesn’t know how to handle it just yet, but he’s super fast.  He’s 6’0, 170 lbs of pure muscle and has an attitude of “I don’t give a s__t about any of the top players.  He’s respectful and fun to be around off the court, but on the court, he brings an attitude that can get under one’s skin.  His diving ability personally makes me nervous as I always fear that one of his flying gets will end right in the middle of my 38 year old knees, finally putting me down for the count.  But, it’s on my mind and it will be on the mind’s of IRT players over the next decade and a half.  What most don’t realize about Bobby is that he didn’t begin playing until he was 14 years old.  He was the kid hanging around the club, playing hoops and generally just looking for something to do.  He and Jose Diaz first struck up a relationship playing hoops at the club, which of course was a schooling for Diaz as Bobby was a starting point guard for his high school team.  This led to Horn trying racquetball, and from that first moment, he had natural abilities.  He’s only been playing serious for six years while all the other Stocktonians having been racquetballing since they were 5 years old.  Like any young player, Bobby will not peak for another seven or eight years, but the experience he’ll gain over that time will be his racquetball experience and I’m telling you all, he’ll be a solid pro that will threaten to win a stop at some point in his career.  He has a team of friends around him that want the same thing for themselves, but will also do whatever it takes to help him accomplish his goals.  That’s the bonus Bobby has with being from Stockton.

Bobby plays Kane today at 11:30am and it’s likely that the match will be a three game win for the #1 player.  It might even be a rout, but this experience will go along way to what will be a successful racquetball career.  If you haven’t watched Bobby Horn play yet, then today is a great opportunity to get your first look at this talented, but extremely raw player.  You’ll enjoy his speed and his ability to shotmake, although the latter might not be as available today with Kane being his opponent.  You’ll also get a kick out of his little “Stockton mustache” too!!  They all seem to think that is the cool style now adays.  I don’t get it……. Enjoy the matches from Tampa, especially my boy Bobby Horn.

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Post 2009 Racquetball Warehouse WOR Championships

July 22nd, 2009 by Kyle

After an awesome time at the 2009 Racquetball Warehouse WOR Championships in Huntington Beach, CA, I’m already waiting for next year.  There is no other tournament out there like the WOR Championships and never have I seen a crowd and atmosphere like I did over there.

Zeus captures the spirit of outdoor :-)

Zeus captures the spirit of outdoor :-)

With almost 300 entrants, 6 of the top 10 proffessional players in attendance and another couple hundred spectators watching, this event was something to be proud of.  With a location like Huntington Beach, we were treated to a beautiful week with temps in the 80′s and a cool ocean breeze reminding us how close we were to the water.  We never made it to the beach the whole time, partly because we were so tired after being some of the first people there and sometimes the last to leave (besides Elli and his crazy Stockton tournament crew).  However we did manage to get a great suntan (Ben got burnt pretty bad), bruised up (Ben is ground beef), and as wierd as it sounds utterly humiliated while having as much fun as humanly possible.

Rocky hanging out in the RW tent

Rocky hanging out in the RW tent

We had a lot of people chillin in the tent with us and talkin racquetball and met some people I’ve helped on the phone when ordering from Racquetball Warehouse.  It’s nice to put names with faces when possible and really enjoy talking with them in person.  Rocky  frequented the tent and used it as a spot to cool off after killing his opponents @ his home court.  Rocky ended up taking 1st in Men’s Pro Singles and 2nd in Men’s Pro Doubles.  He attributes his great indoor play to all the outdoor racquetball experience he has.

Overall this tournament was a great success and continues to show great potential.  I hope that everyone else had a great time as I did and you can expect this event to be bigger and better every year.  Don’t tell Allan or Hank but you might see a dunk tank on the premises next year!  Can anyone say “Dunk the Pro”?  Details to come……


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