New Ektelon Racquets

April 21st, 2009 by Ben

We have had a chance to hit with the new Ektelon sticks a couple of times now. Yesterday we hit with Scott Winters of Ektelon and John Ellis. John tore my game apart but gave me some great advice. We also shot some new instructional videos with John that will be up on the website shortly.

There are two weights for new high end Ektelon. I cannot say too much but so far I like the feel of them. They have a good amount of power but still maintain the control you expect from Ektelon. They definitely have more weight in the head than the Speedport which took some adjustment in timing. So far I like them but will update as we get more play time.

- Ben

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New Head Racquets

April 14th, 2009 by Ben

I hit today with the Problem Child (165) after I have been hitting recently with the Meanstreak (175). Definitely less forgiving. I am used to a 170 (Ektelon Speedport) so it was a little light for me. It still has a ton of power but for me the Meanstreak fits my game better.

One thing I have noticed about these racquets is they have very little vibration. Solid sticks with a lot of power!

- Ben

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New 2009-10 Head Racquets

April 7th, 2009 by Ben

We shot a preliminary video today for the new Head racquets which you will be able to see on the website hopefully today or tomorrow.

I have been hitting with the Meanstreak which is 175 unstrung. After hitting with the Speedport Camo for the last 6 months or so it has definitely been an adjustment. The Head is very head heavy and is really throwing off my timing. Personally, it has affected me most on ceiling balls and front court play.

Regardless, they hit a ton. We still haven’t gotten a lot of time with them so I will update as I get more comfortable with these racquets.

- Ben

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