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May 18th, 2009 by Ben

We received the new Wilson Hope Glove today, the only racquetball glove on the market designed for a woman’s hand. So I tried it on, obviously I do not have a woman’s hand, but it was very comfortable. The main difference is the sizing – I normally wear Medium in gloves and I would definitely wear a Large, if it was made, in the Hope glove.

It is very comfortable and breathable. It is made from thin materials and feels very light on your hand. It also has some knuckle pads on the pinky and ring finger. My inititial thoughts are that it is a great glove, check it out for yourself:

I also tried out the new Head Tacki Mac Serrated MT grip today. It is quite impressive. I have not used a Tacki Mac grip before but have used both the Python Rubber and Ektelon Vision II Clear rubber grips. The MT feels very tacky without actually sticking to your hand/glove. If you have ever bought a new Ektelon racquet, you know how sticky the Vision grips are when brand new. However, as soon as it wears out or gets wet it can get very slick. Python grips are great and I have used them quite a bit at the lack of something better – the MT. The Serrated MT grip was taken from the golf industry and adapted for racquetball by Head for your enjoyment. You know my thoughts, try one for yourself:

Thats all for now. Check back soon and often!

- Ben

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