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Harrow’s Rebirth into Racquetball

July 6th, 2012 by Racquetball Warehouse

Custom Pro Series

8 time World Champion, 4 time Gold Medalist for Team USA, and current #1 player on the Classic Professional Racquetball Tour, Woody Clouse has over 30 years of racquetball knowledge, both in design and tournament play.  In addition, Woody is the author of Winning Racquetball and a board member of the American and International Professional Racquetball Associations.  Woody has taken all of his knowledge and experience to help create the best, high-performance racquet line ever made.  With his guidance and direction Harrow has produced a line-up that is suitable for all levels of play. Young, old, male, female, beginner or aspiring pro they have you covered with more control compounded by more power! When you’re holding one of the Custom Pro Series racquets you are holding the most positive response racquets ever designed.


Connect 160, Sovereign 170, Spiritus 180

Harrow’s racquetball racquets, the best that’s ever been designed!

Harrow stayed committed to the idea that you can create the highest hybrid racquet by applying basic physics and insightful common sense. Harrow’s goal was to increase the feel and control of the frame while simultaneously increasing the power and decreasing vibration. They accomplished this lofty goal beyond their expectations! No gimmicks, no “new age technology” and no smoke and mirrors just sound intent reasoning. Here’s how they did it:

The Head: Harrow removed all of the excess from the head. Basic physics tells us that the current width of all standard size of racquets is too wide. By minimizing the width of the frame they increased the stability during impact. This also resulted in a larger sweet spot due to the frame maintaining its integrity through the impact zone.

The Stringing Pattern: Most other top of the line racquets have a much larger stringing pattern. Although this slightly aids in power it is not helpful because of the huge loss in control. Harrow added additional string to both the mains and the crosses. This tightened the pattern which resulted in greater control. Physics once again dictated that they address control in the head and the stringing pattern of the frame not power.

The Throat: Physics easily lead the way on the need to go to a longer throat. Just like your driver is the longest club in your golf bag and the sledgehammer has the longest handle, they needed to increase the throat to increase the leverage and power.

The Handle: Racquetball racquets have traditionally had two styles of grips. The first is a more round octagon shape for larger grips. The second is a more rectangular shape designed for smaller grips. Neither shape really contours to a person’s hand regardless of the size. Harrow’s grip is a combination of both shapes with two different sizes which locks into a person’s hand and provides the best feel and stability that has ever been created.

Frame Design: Maintaining the triangular shape throughout the head, which is the strongest shape known to man, secures the racquet’s durability. Harrow added additional strength by building the internal frame with a contour design that makes the frame the most reliable racquet ever made. To finalize the efforts of control, power and durability they constructed the entire frame as one solid frame. Most other racquets separate the handle from the head. This sacrifices the integrity of the frame, has more parts that can break down and is simply an inferior way to design a racquet.

Manufacturer: Harrow only uses one manufacturer opposed to the multiple manufacturers that other companies use. This gives a huge advantage in the area of quality control as well as consistency with each frame.

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