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A New Perspective: My Introduction into Racquetball Warehouse

September 7th, 2011 by Jackson


For anyone who plays or has played racquetball, you know, or can at least appreciate, how great of a sport it is.  When the number one player is hitting serves topping out at 193 mph, it’s definitely the fastest of the racquet sports out there.  There’s nothing better than being able to get on a court and blow off some steam from the work week by hitting a little rubber ball as hard as you can.  Between kill shots, splats, ceiling shots, and all the different angles in a modest 40×20 box, your brain is formulating angles and strategy at a speed that puts Superman to shame.  You have to develop the hand-eye coordination to be able to hit balls coming at you from the front wall, as well as having the timing down to hit balls traveling away from you off the back wall, while aiming at a spot just inches above the floor.  Racquetball is also one of the best sports to play for fitness as it gives your body both an aerobic and anaerobic work out – utilizing different fuel sources.  It also has the potential to get your heart-rate up to 85% of its capabilities, burning calories at a relatively astounding rate.  So when you really break it down, racquetball is one of the best sports for your mind, body, and soul; so why does it seem to have the popularity of the Math Club in high school?

There’s a multitude of theories for why racquetball is off the grid.  For one, it’s not easy televising a sport where half the time the ball is traveling so fast you can’t see its path, let alone appreciate what’s going on inside the court; the cost of prime-time television spots doesn’t help either.  Also (and maybe more importantly) its exclusivity, which is a big barrier for many, as most courts tend to reside in members-only sport clubs.  Of course, there’s also the equipment, though there are many cheap options available, equipment can get to be a little pricey.

Now, I feel, is an appropriate time to come clean and confess; I was not born into the world of racquetball – my loyalties rested with its pretty, proper, country-club older brother, tennis.  I resisted against racquetball tooth and nail with the fear that my skills as a tennis player would become muddled with the different techniques and virtually opposite strokes of racquetball.  However after being introduced, playing in tournaments, and harnessing my competitive nature, a new respect for the sport has put down roots, and I feel will soon grow into a love for racquetball.  Being thrown into the racquetball crowd and culture was a bit of a shock, and I have to confess to the nerves I experienced when one starts something completely new.  As my athleticism now starts to translate to this new game I feel a strong urge to make waves in this sport.  My newly founded enthusiasm is one that my predecessors and current co-workers here at Racquetball Warehouse have possessed and have been trying to spread since even before the company’s inception in 2004.

This drive and desire to grow the sport is fueled by an uncorrupted passion, an almost naivety of a sheltered child in a new world.  Working for Racquetball Warehouse gives myself and the rest of the staff here a unique opportunity to reach out and help to make others see all the benefits, and most importantly, the fun this sport provides.  Everyone I’ve met through tournaments and in the clubs have shown how much the love for this sport can blur lines between age, race, and gender and promote friendly competition while keeping yourself healthy and active.  Now that we’re in a time in American history where approximately 3/4′s of our nation’s states have obesity rates of 25% or higher, I think it’s time that everyone picked up a racquet and joined our seemingly underground movement of battling in a sweat box.  It’s our mission at Racquetball Warehouse as racquetball players and fans, to help grow the sport for the benefit of the sport itself, as well as the well-being and health of people all over the world; our goals and desires go beyond the world of business.  Yes, we offer the best customer service in the business and guarantee the lowest prices, but we also put ourselves out there as individuals and are constantly brainstorming and strategizing as to how we can motivate as many people as possible to enjoy all the fruits that this fast, fun, and slightly dangerous sport, has to offer.

-Jackson, RBW.

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