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June 4th, 2009 by Ben

Now that we find ourselves in June, we have seen 4 of the 6 new lines of racquets, the most recent additions being ProKennex and Wilson.

I have always been a fan of ProKennex racquets as they are very stable, forgiving racquets, so they cope well with my sometimes sporadic shot selection. This year is no exception. They have added their Kinetic technology to both high end racquets, and are using their top frame as a platform to promote Kane Waselenchuk, now ranked #1 on the IRT. Here are their new frames:

I am of course referring to the Kinetic KM 750 (175 grams) and the Kinetic Quad 500 (165 grams). They are also releasing the HC2 in a 170 with new paint and a super thick beam. We don’t have hitters yet so check back soon for playtest reports.

Moving on…Wilson has lifted the veil on their new line, revealing bold cosmetics and updated engineering on their previous models. Check out the Wilson RX racquets here:

We had a chance to hit with them briefly while visiting Wilson and are looking forward to getting playtest samples soon to provide more feedback. My initials thoughts were positive. They are closer to an even balance over previous years, a trend more manufacturers seem to be taking, which made for an easier adjustment in the short hitting time we had. They updated the frame design at the throat increasing stiffness and power. Look for racquets and demos to be available mid August.

The other two racquet lines have been mentioned in previous posts. Ektelon:

and Head:

That is all I have to say for now, I hope this is helpful for you. As always, contact us if you have any further questions you want answered!

- Ben – 800 824 1101

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