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Women’s Racquetball Day – It’s a Necessity!!

March 3rd, 2011 by John Ellis

If you’re a racquetball manager for a health club or you’re prominent enough of a racquetball player in your area that you have permission to host racquetball events, then one event you most try is what I’ve entitled Women’s Racquetball Day.  Now, I’m definitely not trying to claim this title as mine, since I’m sure others have hosted this type of event with this name in the past, but here in Northern California, we’re committed to hosting Women’s Racquetball Days at the In-Shape Sport Clubs.

What are Women’s Racquetball Days?  Well, they could be whatever you want them to be with the obvious focus on getting many women together in the club from your region to enjoy a day of racquetball.  Women really do want to play racquetball with each other more so than only be forced to play singles with men or mixed doubles.  The problem is that most clubs no longer have a strong contingency of women racquetball players, so women that enjoy playing with other women are forced to play with only one or two other women from their club.  That will eventually get stale and a bit boring.  The In-Shape Women’s Racquetball Days will all be five hour events, making it well worth the effort for women to drive longer distances since they’ll have the club’s courts for an extended period of times.  The commraderie that’s built with these events is awesome to be apart of and very motivating for the players.  It is to be hoped that our Women’s Racquetball Days will lead to more women deciding to play our In-Shape Shootouts and Tournaments so that I can again begin offering women’s divisions in all events.  With my position as Racquetball Director with In-Shape, these Women’s Racquetball Days also provide me a great venue to promote our In-Shape WPRO Championships presented by Ektelon, which is naturally all about women’s racquetball with the best female players in the world attending the tournament.  NOTE, always welcome beginning players to this event and have a separate plan for how to make the day fun for them as well………… Here’s two separate itineraries for how to host a Women’s Racquetball Day.  If you do decide to try an event like this, make it your own in some way by adding a unique feature to the day’s events.

Women’s RB Day Itinerary One (9 courts)

9AM-9:15AM: Opening Discussion & Introduction of Instructional Staff

- Ten instructors will be on hand to assist.

9:15AM-9:25AM: Walk Through of Interval Drills & Contests

9:25AM-9:40AM: Warm-up

- Three to four players per court. Basic warm up.

9:40AM-11AM: (10 minute intervals)

Court 1 – FH & BH Down the Line Target Contest (15 shots from each side, behind the encroachment line)

Court 2 – Racquetball Aerobic Games (1min 30 sec)

Court 3 – Drive Serve Target Contest (15 serves to each side)

Court 4 – Pinch Drill (30 sec, 1 min, 1 min 30 sec intervals)

Court 5 – Lob Serve Contest (15 serves DTL from both sides)

Court 6 – Center Court Cross over ball toss hitting drill

Court 7 – Wide Angle Contest (15 shots from both sides, behind the encroachment line)

Court 8 – Splat/Down the Line Drill

Court 9 – Ceiling Ball Contest (Most cosecutive from each side, 2 attempts per player)

11:00AM-12:30PM: Organized Doubles Play (8 min intervals, King Court Style)

11:30PM-1:00PM: Lunch Throughout

1PM-2PM: Singles or Mixed Doubles Play

2PM-2:30: Closing Remarks & Free Play

Women’s RB Day Itinerary Two

10AM-10:30AM: Check In, Partner Pairing, Court Assignment & Introduction of Intructional Staff

- Partners will be assigned by a drawing. All players will put their name in an intermediate or advanced box for selection. Beginners will be kept seperate for doubles play….. Ten instructors will be on hand to assist.

10:30AM-10:45AM: Warm Up

10:45AM-12:30PM: Doubles Queen’s Court (intermediate and advanced)

12:30PM-1PM: Lunch

1PM-3PM: Mini clinics (4 courts, 30 minute sessions)

Court 6 – Serve & Serve Return

Court 7 – Various Hitting Drills

Court 8 – On Court Speed & Agility Drills

Court 9 – Basic Forehand & Backhand Mechanics

1PM-3PM: Singles Challenge Courts (4 courts)

Court 1 – Advanced

Court 2 – Intermediate/Advanced

Court 3 – Intermediate

Court 4 – Beginner/Intermediate

1PM-3PM: Hard Hit Contest (court 5)

3PM-4PM: Closing remarks & Mixed Doubles

Best of luck to all of you out there that decide to host your own Women’s RB Day.  Make it an In-Shape Day!!

John Ellis

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