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Product Comparison – Python Gloves

March 22nd, 2011 by Ben

Racquetball warehouse has given me another opportunity to give feedback on a few gloves. The difference in this review versus the previous one I did is this is a brand new product that I had no history or opinion on prior to use. I have used python products for the past couple of years, and have a general positive opinion about them as a company.

I have had the opportunity to use these gloves for about a month, so I have had ample opportunity to develop an opinion on the product. I used these gloves with a racquet fitted with a python rubber grip.

Python Deluxe – View at RW

My first impression was this was the best looking glove out of the group. Turned out, it was the best glove out of the three. The fit initially was very good. It was snug and tight. I have not been a fan of gloves that have a strip through the palm, so I was hesitant on this glove from the beginning. This glove has played very well. The strip in the palm gives a bit of extra grip without being intrusive. This glove stretched out a bit and became softer after several uses. It was not to the point of making it difficult to play with, but it was noticeable. Overall, a very good glove, and I would not hesitate to add this to my collection of gloves to use for a tournament.


Python Copperhead - View at RW

Based on price, this would be considered the middle glove of the group. Right out of the package this glove fit well, and played well. The grip was very good and the mesh backing allowed the glove to breathe well when playing. After a couple of games I found that the glove stretched and I had several issues with gripping the racquet with this glove. I tend to sweat quite a bit and this glove did not hold up well when dampness. The dampness is balanced out with the fact that my hands did not sweat as much due to the breathability of the glove.


Python Super Tack - View at RW

Initially I looked at this glove and thought “this looks good.” I really like the looks of this glove. At the low end of price, I did not have high expectations when I used this glove. The fit was good and tight right out of the package. I was not initially pleased on how the glove played as I was having slippage of the grip. This glove was the rare exception that started to play better after a few usages. The more I played with the glove, the better it became. The durability is great and it didn’t seem to lose anything after a few uses. It actually got better. For a low price glove, you can’t go wrong with the Super Tack.


Written by Jeff Kettering

Elite level player

Representative of the pros

Friend of Racquetball Warehouse

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