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RbW Caption Contest!!

October 1st, 2012 by Jackson

Vote for your favorite caption!
Vote for your favorite caption in the comments!

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Harrow’s Rebirth into Racquetball

July 6th, 2012 by Racquetball Warehouse

Custom Pro Series

8 time World Champion, 4 time Gold Medalist for Team USA, and current #1 player on the Classic Professional Racquetball Tour, Woody Clouse has over 30 years of racquetball knowledge, both in design and tournament play.  In addition, Woody is the author of Winning Racquetball and a board member of the American and International Professional Racquetball Associations.  Woody has taken all of his knowledge and experience to help create the best, high-performance racquet line ever made.  With his guidance and direction Harrow has produced a line-up that is suitable for all levels of play. Young, old, male, female, beginner or aspiring pro they have you covered with more control compounded by more power! When you’re holding one of the Custom Pro Series racquets you are holding the most positive response racquets ever designed.


Connect 160, Sovereign 170, Spiritus 180

Harrow’s racquetball racquets, the best that’s ever been designed!

Harrow stayed committed to the idea that you can create the highest hybrid racquet by applying basic physics and insightful common sense. Harrow’s goal was to increase the feel and control of the frame while simultaneously increasing the power and decreasing vibration. They accomplished this lofty goal beyond their expectations! No gimmicks, no “new age technology” and no smoke and mirrors just sound intent reasoning. Here’s how they did it:

The Head: Harrow removed all of the excess from the head. Basic physics tells us that the current width of all standard size of racquets is too wide. By minimizing the width of the frame they increased the stability during impact. This also resulted in a larger sweet spot due to the frame maintaining its integrity through the impact zone.

The Stringing Pattern: Most other top of the line racquets have a much larger stringing pattern. Although this slightly aids in power it is not helpful because of the huge loss in control. Harrow added additional string to both the mains and the crosses. This tightened the pattern which resulted in greater control. Physics once again dictated that they address control in the head and the stringing pattern of the frame not power.

The Throat: Physics easily lead the way on the need to go to a longer throat. Just like your driver is the longest club in your golf bag and the sledgehammer has the longest handle, they needed to increase the throat to increase the leverage and power.

The Handle: Racquetball racquets have traditionally had two styles of grips. The first is a more round octagon shape for larger grips. The second is a more rectangular shape designed for smaller grips. Neither shape really contours to a person’s hand regardless of the size. Harrow’s grip is a combination of both shapes with two different sizes which locks into a person’s hand and provides the best feel and stability that has ever been created.

Frame Design: Maintaining the triangular shape throughout the head, which is the strongest shape known to man, secures the racquet’s durability. Harrow added additional strength by building the internal frame with a contour design that makes the frame the most reliable racquet ever made. To finalize the efforts of control, power and durability they constructed the entire frame as one solid frame. Most other racquets separate the handle from the head. This sacrifices the integrity of the frame, has more parts that can break down and is simply an inferior way to design a racquet.

Manufacturer: Harrow only uses one manufacturer opposed to the multiple manufacturers that other companies use. This gives a huge advantage in the area of quality control as well as consistency with each frame.

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Is Your Most Important Piece of Equipment Underfoot?

January 25th, 2012 by Ben

What’s the most important piece of equipment you need to compete? A lot of us may say our racquet, glove, string, or even grip. I rarely hear shoes as an answer and it baffles me. Having a high performance shoe can not only benefit your game, but benefit the way you feel, too. That’s why we’re offering the chance to win a pair with the latest styling and technology. Click for more information and how to enter.

Ever since I can remember I have been most picky about the shoes I play with. Having a shoe that is comfortable, stable, properly fitted, and that caters to your style of play is no less important than choosing the right racquet or any other piece of equipment. From my past personal experience and from talking with others, a lot of racquetball players will settle on shoes that may not be the best option for them.The first thing I look for in a shoe is fit. If it doesn’t fit well it doesn’t matter what incredible technologies the shoe may have. It is often easy to make compromises to look good, but save that for off the court. I’ve done it, and I’m sure we’re all guilty of it! When I am looking at shoes I will look for a shoe that is narrow with a medium arch. If the shoe doesn’t offer either of those I pretty much know that it’s not going to offer what I need.

My second consideration is the technologies that are built into the shoe. There are a number of technologies designed specifically for competing on an indoor court surface. A few notable ones are: Mizuno’s Wave Technology providing superior stability and cushioning, Hi-Tec’s 4:SYS Midsole Technology that distributes impact to increase stability and support using seven different densities of foam, and Asics’ WET GRIP technology designed to increase traction on wet or dirty surfaces. These are only a few of the newer technologies introduced – for a full list check out the Racquetball Warehouse Learning Center. Technologies can have a significant impact on the performance of a shoe, especially in a fast-paced sport like racquetball.

The third and least critical aspect of my shoe-choosing process is cosmetics. Let’s be honest though, this is an important part to most if not all of us. We have seen a lot of wild colors and styles around sports in recent years so we do our best to offer a mix of traditional looks and colors as well as more modern styling. So what should you take from all of this? Take time to seriously consider the best shoe for you and remember – we have FREE Return Shipping if you make the wrong choice the first time.

If you have any questions about any of our products please feel free contact us any time at 1.800.824.1101, info@racquetballwarehouse.com, or facebook.com/racquetballwarehouse.

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A New Perspective: My Introduction into Racquetball Warehouse

September 7th, 2011 by Jackson


For anyone who plays or has played racquetball, you know, or can at least appreciate, how great of a sport it is.  When the number one player is hitting serves topping out at 193 mph, it’s definitely the fastest of the racquet sports out there.  There’s nothing better than being able to get on a court and blow off some steam from the work week by hitting a little rubber ball as hard as you can.  Between kill shots, splats, ceiling shots, and all the different angles in a modest 40×20 box, your brain is formulating angles and strategy at a speed that puts Superman to shame.  You have to develop the hand-eye coordination to be able to hit balls coming at you from the front wall, as well as having the timing down to hit balls traveling away from you off the back wall, while aiming at a spot just inches above the floor.  Racquetball is also one of the best sports to play for fitness as it gives your body both an aerobic and anaerobic work out – utilizing different fuel sources.  It also has the potential to get your heart-rate up to 85% of its capabilities, burning calories at a relatively astounding rate.  So when you really break it down, racquetball is one of the best sports for your mind, body, and soul; so why does it seem to have the popularity of the Math Club in high school?

There’s a multitude of theories for why racquetball is off the grid.  For one, it’s not easy televising a sport where half the time the ball is traveling so fast you can’t see its path, let alone appreciate what’s going on inside the court; the cost of prime-time television spots doesn’t help either.  Also (and maybe more importantly) its exclusivity, which is a big barrier for many, as most courts tend to reside in members-only sport clubs.  Of course, there’s also the equipment, though there are many cheap options available, equipment can get to be a little pricey.

Now, I feel, is an appropriate time to come clean and confess; I was not born into the world of racquetball – my loyalties rested with its pretty, proper, country-club older brother, tennis.  I resisted against racquetball tooth and nail with the fear that my skills as a tennis player would become muddled with the different techniques and virtually opposite strokes of racquetball.  However after being introduced, playing in tournaments, and harnessing my competitive nature, a new respect for the sport has put down roots, and I feel will soon grow into a love for racquetball.  Being thrown into the racquetball crowd and culture was a bit of a shock, and I have to confess to the nerves I experienced when one starts something completely new.  As my athleticism now starts to translate to this new game I feel a strong urge to make waves in this sport.  My newly founded enthusiasm is one that my predecessors and current co-workers here at Racquetball Warehouse have possessed and have been trying to spread since even before the company’s inception in 2004.

This drive and desire to grow the sport is fueled by an uncorrupted passion, an almost naivety of a sheltered child in a new world.  Working for Racquetball Warehouse gives myself and the rest of the staff here a unique opportunity to reach out and help to make others see all the benefits, and most importantly, the fun this sport provides.  Everyone I’ve met through tournaments and in the clubs have shown how much the love for this sport can blur lines between age, race, and gender and promote friendly competition while keeping yourself healthy and active.  Now that we’re in a time in American history where approximately 3/4′s of our nation’s states have obesity rates of 25% or higher, I think it’s time that everyone picked up a racquet and joined our seemingly underground movement of battling in a sweat box.  It’s our mission at Racquetball Warehouse as racquetball players and fans, to help grow the sport for the benefit of the sport itself, as well as the well-being and health of people all over the world; our goals and desires go beyond the world of business.  Yes, we offer the best customer service in the business and guarantee the lowest prices, but we also put ourselves out there as individuals and are constantly brainstorming and strategizing as to how we can motivate as many people as possible to enjoy all the fruits that this fast, fun, and slightly dangerous sport, has to offer.

-Jackson, RBW.

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Racquetball Warehouse Hires Ben Croft

August 29th, 2011 by Ben

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA– Racquetball Warehouse, official retailer of USA Racquetball and the International Racquetball Tour, has announced the hiring of top ranked professional player, Ben Croft. Croft will join the team as Business Manager with additional responsibilities as a buyer and content provider.

During his transition from the court to the office, Croft will continue to play on the pro tour, attending most major events and tournaments. “We are extremely excited to bring Ben’s talent, passion and invaluable insight to Racquetball Warehouse. We are equally eager for him to continue his reign on the court in support of his career, the IRT and the many fans who love to watch him play,” said Racquetball Warehouse Operations Manager, Ben LoBue.

With the season fast approaching, HEAD Penn and Racquetball Warehouse will join forces in a unique partnership to support Croft during the 2011-12 season. Ben Simons, HEAD Penn’s Senior Business Manager for Racquetball, expressed accolades for Croft. “Ben is an intelligent young man with a true passion for the sport of racquetball. I am confident that he will excel in his new role with Racquetball Warehouse. HEAD Penn remains committed to supporting his efforts on the court and appreciates the opportunity to co-sponsor his activities with Racquetball Warehouse for the coming season.”

Ben Croft, who has already made the move to California, begins his new responsibilities at Racquetball Warehouse on August 22, 2011.


Racquetball Warehouse was started in 2003 as a sister company to online market leader Tennis Warehouse. Since then it has come to the forefront of specialty racquetball retailers with a focus on customer service and product information. Racquetball Warehouse is an official partner of USAR, IRT and WOR. To learn more about Racquetball Warehouse, visit: http://www.racquetballwarehouse.com/.

To connect, visit: http://www.facebook.com/racquetballwarehouse

and http://twitter.com/rbwarehouse.

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The Evolution of Racquetball Technology

May 17th, 2011 by Ben

Just about every year, each racquet company releases a new ‘technology,’ whether an improvement on a past design, a supplemental technology for combined performance, or a revolutionary introduction that completely changes racquet feel and playability. We haven’t seen the latter for a few years but revolutionizing racquet technology is no easy feat. As we are quickly approaching the new product season, you will begin to hear the buzz and see the sneak peaks of new racquets on the horizon but before that happens, let’s take a look at the recent evolutions.

Ektelon – O3 to EXO3 Technology

Ektelon first introduced the O3 Technology in 2005, a truly revolutionary approach to racquet design. The O3 technology consists of large holes in the frame of the racquet, rather than traditional grommet holes, increasing string movement by eliminating the friction between strings and grommets. The end result: a larger sweet spot and more lively string bed for more power and improved playability.


These round ports next evolved into the Speedport Technology, changing into rectangular holes for further increased string movement and improved airflow through the frame for a faster swing and improved maneuverability. Ektelon further changed the frames in 2009 to incorporate the EXO3 Technology. This technology removed more graphite from the frame and now suspended the strings from “Energy Bridge Inserts,” further increasing the sweet spot, string bed movement, and added power to the frame. Ektelon continues to fine tune and improve this technology to maximize power and string bed response so stay tuned for the new line.

Head – Liquidmetal to d3o

Head has been all about material technology, introducing revolutionary materials into their graphite racquets to get the perfect balance of power and performance. They introduced Liquidmetal in 2004, a unique composite with a liquid atomic structure located in key areas on the frame to minimize energy lost in ball impact, transferring the maximum power possible back to the ball.


Head next introduced Microgel in 2007, a super low-density material with high stiffness to lower weight and again maximize energy return and power while dispersing any negative energy throughout the frame. Most recently in 2010, Head took it one step further with d3o, a smart material that changes behavior under dynamic loading to stiffen when you swing your hardest and stay flexible when you want to make those touch shots. Combined with these space age materials, Head has added proprietary technologies – the Inner Grommet System for maximum string bed movement and Corrugated Technology at the throat to increase stiffness and energy return. Head has focused on creating racquets that cater to individual player’s strengths; keep your eyes open for what is new in 2011.

E-Force – Longstrings to Heatseeker

E-Force has more technology in their frames than any other company and is very proud of this heritage. The most notable technology unique to E-Force racquets is the hollow handle with vertical strings that extend the entire length from butt cap to head. This technology has continued to evolve over the years, now incorporating all mains, a unique string pattern and dampened Zero Richter Tubes to create the largest, most powerful string bed in the market, so they say. Combined with the unique Dual Cylinder profile of their frames, E-Force has constantly pushed the envelope of frame technology to maximize power.


In 2009 E-Force introduced the Powerhouse Shaft, which visually increased handle length at the throat. This strategically placed graphite stiffens the throat, moves the flex point of the racquet closer to the sweet spot and increases whip and snap in your swing. In 2010, they introduced the Heatseeker, which combined existing tech with a new grommet technology and an improved graphite lay up to make the most stable E-Force racquet ever. Can they keep reinventing the racquet? We will see this year..

Pro Kennex – Kinetic Technology

ProKennex has been a quiet force in racquet technology, though Kane has loudly brought PK to the forefront in recent years. ProKennex invented the revolutionary Kinetic Technology, which has been featured in publications such as Popular Science, ESPN, and Time, and was proven in tests by MIT. The Kinetic Technology utilizes free-floating micro bearings that ‘load’ on ball impact and explode foreword unleashing kinetic energy to increase power while simultaneously absorbing shock and vibration from ball impact, producing some of the most arm-friendly racquets available.


ProKennex further advanced the Kinetic technology with an ionic coating that reduces friction to maximize the effectiveness of the micro bearings. Their other proprietary technologies of note are the Quad Technology that focuses weight in key locations around the sweet spot to increase stability, and the String Suspension Technology, which reduces string-grommet friction to increase string bed movement. What new technology will the #1 player in the world be using in the 2011 season?

What does it all mean?

Why should you care about any of these technologies and marketing stories? Because they are real, and they change how the racquets play. You cannot find the right racquet for your game if you do not know what options you have, and as new products are released this year it will only get more confusing. At Racquetball Warehouse we do our best to simplify racquets and to educate the players about what products they are using. We are really excited about new racquets coming out this year and we want you to share our excitement! Check the website often for sneak peaks, pre-sales, and exclusive offers and follow us on facebook for all of the latest racquetball news!

Homepage: www.racquetballwarehouse.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Racquetball-Warehouse/151007447801?ref=ts

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Racquetball Warehouse Signs as Official Retailer of USA Racquetball

March 24th, 2011 by Ben

[San Luis Obispo, CA] – Racquetball Warehouse and USA Racquetball announced their agreement to make Racquetball Warehouse the Official Retailer of USA Racquetball and the USAR Instructor Program, bringing new content to the USAR website for a more rewarding experience for all members and visitors.

The agreement comes as no surprise as Racquetball Warehouse continues to grow their national presence, according to Manager Ben LoBue. “We are very excited to be partnered with the sport’s governing body and national instructor program. In combination with current partnerships with the IRT and IRTNetwork, we feel we have the necessary resources to really help grow participation in racquetball both internationally and at a grassroots level while providing a complete and satisfying experience for all of our customers.”

Be sure to support your national organization if you do not already and check the USAR website often for racquetball news and updated links and content from Racquetball Warehouse.

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IRT Network, not your typical paysite..

November 25th, 2009 by Ben

I will keep this brief. I would like to make sure that all dedicated racquetball players know about a relatively new online service. Have you ever spent hours combing Youtube for racquetball videos? Have you been channel surfing and wondered “why isn’t there racquetball on TV? It would be much better than this Rambo marathon I’ve been watching for 4 hours.” If you answered yes, and even if you didn’t, I have a website you need to check out.

I am of course referring to the IRT Network which provides live streaming of all IRT (International Racquetball Tour) events in high quality video with several camera angles and full time commentators. The IRT tournaments are played on the all lucite court, which allows you, the viewer, to see the top pros play their best matches from all angles. Check out the court below:picture-1Now, through December 20, the IRT Network is offering the chance for any new subscription sign ups to win Rocky Carson’s Motorola Gear, worn at the US Open. Enter the promo code ‘Rocky’ upon subscription signup for the chance to win – I am pretty sure he is going to wash these before giving them away. If you are unsure, do not fret, IRT Network lets you sign up for free and receive limited access so you can decide if it is worth the subscription.

My thoughts? Support the businesses that support racquetball! If you want to keep growing the sport, it’s not going to be free. This is a Win Win – support the sport and get access to some kick-ass racquetball matches all year long. Lastly, this is a great gift idea for any die-hard racquetball fans!!

- Ben – www.IRTnetwork.com

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Recap: 2009 CSRA State Doubles in Fresno, CA

September 29th, 2009 by Kyle

Let me start this off by thanking John Ellis, Larry Steiner (pres. CSRA), Michelle Stone, Jesse Serna, Steve Cook, Sierra Sport and Racquet Club, two random girls in Halloween costumes, the sponsors who make this event possible and of course the many others who helped out and made sure everyone had a good time.  Chris Crowther & Tim Doyle from E-Force made the trip up to the 2009 CSRA State Doubles Championships and ended up victorious against John Ellis and Jose Rojas to take the State Doubles Open title.  There was plenty of food and beer all day long which made the craziness of all day racquetball a little more enjoyable.  Ben did well with his new partner Geoff Arnold paying a lot more attention to his serves and focusing on shots a little more.  My little brother Casey and his partner Kody Fudenna went on to win the C doubles bracket and as a result are moving up to the B division in the future.

As for myself and Jon Berezay, what can I say…. I was excited to have Jon on my team for two reasons: 1) I know what he is capable of and when he’s hitting good, he doesn’t miss, 2) He is a very calming influence on me when in the heat of battle.  He knew exactly what to say when I was getting frustrated and carried me many times throughout the tournament.  We eventually ended up losing in the A consolation bracket but ended up winning our 24-/25+ age division by beating the team that won A doubles.  It was a big victory for us after losing the first game but coming back to win 11-9 in tiebreak.  After a long weekend of playing, my body felt worn out, my mind was exhausted and I was ready to get home.  Without the help of Jesse Serna (John Ellis’ trainer and friend), I would not have been feeling as well as I did on Sunday.  Thanks to his expertise and magic touch, Jesse was able to keep me loose and actually able to move through the end of the tournament.  Winning that last championship match was the one thing that could have rejuvenated me and sent me home smiling the whole way.  My folks, grandma and sister in law drove over to watch my brother and I play but on Sunday everyone left early except for my dad who stuck around until late Sunday afternoon to watch my last match and was really happy to get a win for him.  He just had rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder and was forced to watch all of our matches from the sidelines (which I know was very difficult for him).

Overall, the tournament was a great success and love the big family that California Racquetball is.  I look forward to working with the CSRA on growing the California State Championships into the grand events I know they could and should be.  Maybe next year we’ll try to entice Rocky Carson and Jason Mannino to show up and represent California Racquetball.  We’ll see if they have what it takes to take away the championship from Chris and Tim……..


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Post 2009 Racquetball Warehouse WOR Championships

July 22nd, 2009 by Kyle

After an awesome time at the 2009 Racquetball Warehouse WOR Championships in Huntington Beach, CA, I’m already waiting for next year.  There is no other tournament out there like the WOR Championships and never have I seen a crowd and atmosphere like I did over there.

Zeus captures the spirit of outdoor :-)

Zeus captures the spirit of outdoor :-)

With almost 300 entrants, 6 of the top 10 proffessional players in attendance and another couple hundred spectators watching, this event was something to be proud of.  With a location like Huntington Beach, we were treated to a beautiful week with temps in the 80′s and a cool ocean breeze reminding us how close we were to the water.  We never made it to the beach the whole time, partly because we were so tired after being some of the first people there and sometimes the last to leave (besides Elli and his crazy Stockton tournament crew).  However we did manage to get a great suntan (Ben got burnt pretty bad), bruised up (Ben is ground beef), and as wierd as it sounds utterly humiliated while having as much fun as humanly possible.

Rocky hanging out in the RW tent

Rocky hanging out in the RW tent

We had a lot of people chillin in the tent with us and talkin racquetball and met some people I’ve helped on the phone when ordering from Racquetball Warehouse.  It’s nice to put names with faces when possible and really enjoy talking with them in person.  Rocky  frequented the tent and used it as a spot to cool off after killing his opponents @ his home court.  Rocky ended up taking 1st in Men’s Pro Singles and 2nd in Men’s Pro Doubles.  He attributes his great indoor play to all the outdoor racquetball experience he has.

Overall this tournament was a great success and continues to show great potential.  I hope that everyone else had a great time as I did and you can expect this event to be bigger and better every year.  Don’t tell Allan or Hank but you might see a dunk tank on the premises next year!  Can anyone say “Dunk the Pro”?  Details to come……


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