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2013 Asics Racquetball Shoes: It Keeps Getting Better

May 22nd, 2013 by Racquetball Warehouse

Asics has been a favorite brand of RbW customers for years now, and this year promises to be the best-to-date. These new shoes we’re about to show you are top performers on the court and head turners to boot. Oh, and what else? That’s right…they’re bringing out a MID. Check out the impressive new features of these Asics shoes arriving at our warehouse in June. To start, let’s take a look at the technology packed Gel Blast 5:


A new technology in the Asics line is the Flexion Fit Upper which, combined with their patented RhynoSkin, delivers a soft comfortable fit without sacrificing any support. This performance upper is combined with the substantial Trusstic System to give stiffness where it counts- in the heel and midfoot. Finally, the IGS: Impact Guidance System, which distributes impact loads to maintain stability, and the Wet Grip Outsole ensure that these shoes will always stay under you when you need them most. We love the look of these shoes and know you will love the feel when you try them on, so place your order today! *We did find them to fit a 1/2 size large so keep that in mind when you order.


Moving on (and this is the part we’re really excited about), in Asics’ great wisdom they have brought us a traditional racquetball shoe in a modern platform: The Gel Volleycross Revolution MT (Blue/Lime , White/Black). Yes, MT stands for Mid Top.


This extra ankle support has been harder and harder to find but it’s making a comeback. Not only do these hug your ankles tightly, but the midsole also provides more cushioning than any other Asics shoe. If you are looking for maximum cushioning and stability then your prayers have been answered. The agressive tread on these really sticks to the court, and with two bold cosmetics, any player should find an excuse to give these shoes a run for their money. *We did find them to fit a 1/2 size large so keep that in mind when you order.


As this is a sneak peek, we don’t have these in stock quite yet. We expect to be able to ship them to you by mid June, but get your orders in now as these are going to sell quickly. Also, be sure to check back soon since we have one more new Asics shoe to show you – we just enjoy keeping everyone on their toes.

That concludes our first 2013 Asics Shoe line sneak peek! For more information on any of these shoes, be sure to check out the website, or contact us anytime. We are always happy to help!

All Racquetball Shoes | Women’s Racquetball Shoes | Liquidation Shoes | Shoes Technologies

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The 2013 Wave of Mizuno Shoes

February 22nd, 2013 by Racquetball Warehouse

Prefer to watch over reading? Check out our Getting Technical Episode for 2013 Mizuno Shoes:

Mizuno was the fastest growing shoe brand at Racquetball Warehouse in 2012, and continues to gain traction in racquetball courts everywhere. For 2013, we first introduce the newest top-of-the-line Tornado 8:


With it’s bold cosmetic and aggressive Wave cushioning in the heel, the Mizuno Tornado 8 doesn’t go unnoticed. This version offers the same fit, stability, grip, and cushioning as the 7 with improved ventilation through increased mesh paneling in the upper. You get what you pay for with this one. For an in depth review, Watch our Playtest VideoLook for a White Version in late March ’13.


 Next up is the new speed shoe, the Lightning RX2 which comes in both White and Black. Mizuno introduces a seamless upper that allows for increased mesh paneling while simultaneously removing weight. This new version of the popular Lightning shoe provides ample cushioning and breathability in a light performance shoe.

 Next up, a sneak peak of Mizuno’s new shoes shipping in Late March ’13:


The Mizuno Wave Bolt 2 is the value offering in the line, but you’ll be hard pressed to find any short comings. With the Wave cushioning, supportive mesh upper, and deep grooves in the improved gum-rubber outsole, you can expect all around great performance.


Finally, the new Women’s Shoe from Mizuno – the Wave Rally 4. The previous Rally 2 was the best selling women’s shoe of 2012, and a great all around performer. The 4 incorporates a new Zig-zag Wave Technology to improve cushioning and further disperse shock as you plant and pivot on the court. Both breathable and supportive, this a great option for the female racquetball players out there.

That concludes the 2013 Mizuno Shoe line! For more information on any of these shoes, be sure to check out the website, or contact us anytime – we are always happy to help!

All Racquetball Shoes | Women’s Racquetball Shoes | Liquidation Shoes | Shoes Technologies

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Combating Tendinitis

June 21st, 2012 by Ben Croft

Combating Tendinitis

By Ben Croft

If you play racquetball then you’ve most likely play or have played racquetball with some form of arm pain. Problems as basic as soreness to injuries as serious as torn rotators or shoulder and elbow tendinitis are the part we hate of the game we love so much. In a perfect world our mechanics would be flawless so we wouldn’t run into arm problems. But the chances of that are about as slim as Kane losing in straight games in the first round of a satellite event. I’ve been very fortunate not to deal with many arm problems throughout my career and have learned a few small and easy changes can make a big difference on your body without having to give the game up.

Shock and vibration are direct causes of one of racquetball’s most common ailments, shoulder and elbow tendinitis. To avoid pain-causing inflammation or irritation, it’s necessary to do everything you can to let your equipment absorb the shock and minimize the amount of repetitive impact your body absorbs. The first and easiest way to do this is to use a vibration dampener in your racquet. This is the most basic but still useful way to absorb shock. Dampeners are small, inexpensive, and easy to install. Even if you don’t have arm pain it’s a good idea to use a dampener to prevent any future problems that might be coming to nag you!

Another way to combat tendinitis would be to switch to a heavier racquet with a bigger grip size. A heavier racquet simply has more mass, which absorbs more shock. Its mass also allows you to generate more force without your body (swing) having to do the work. A lot of people think the opposite, that a heavier racquet causes more arm problems. But the mass is working for you, not against you.

A less common but very useful remedy for elbow and shoulder tendonitis is to use a softer string at a lower tension. Using a multifilament string reduces the vibration on your body because softer strings vibrate at a lower frequency, causing less to travel through your racquet into your arm. Stringing your racquet at a lower tension will also be very helpful. The elasticity of the string will absorb the shock, which cuts out the vibration through the frame. If you combine stringing at a lower tension with softer string in a heavier racquet, it can do wonders for your tendinitis!

Lastly, and arguably the most important ways to fight your elbow issues is to use an elbow band, a topical pain reliever, and icing after you play! Using an elbow band will not only lessen the stress your elbow endures, but it will increase your playing comfort by supporting your ligaments and muscles.

Keeping your body healthy is the key to long lasting enjoyment of racquetball. We all know how obnoxious nagging injuries can be, that’s why we need to do everything we can to stay healthy and play as long as possible. Spending the extra few bucks or minutes to take care of your body might be the difference between you enjoying the game or dreading the next big swing you take! With the combination of good mechanics, playing with the right equipment, icing, and a little bit of luck you increase your chances of a lifetime full of pain-free (or significantly less pain) racquetball! I hope these few veteran tricks play a big role in improving the your aches, pains, and nags!

We’re always here to help. If you have any questions for us, email in at!

Below are some ideas of products that can help you beat your worst opponent, tendinitis!


Wrap (Leather) Grips:

Multifilament Strings:


Elbow Bands:

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Nike Multicourt 10 Review

December 7th, 2011 by Ben Croft


Racquetball Warehouse Shoe Playtest Form

Test Shoe: Nike Multicourt 10

Name: Ben Croft

What type of foot do you have?     Arch: (Low     Medium High)     Width: (Narrow Medium     Wide)

How many hours did you playtest the shoes? 30 hours

Did these shoes require any break-in period? Yes If so, how long? 2-3 hours

Scale – 1: Horrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Tremendous

Comfort: 1  2  3  4 5

Comments: I was pleased with the level of comfort offered by the Nike Multicourt 10’s. Although they’re not as soft as the previous generation of the Multicourt, I was still very comfortable in this shoe. After playing with them for about an hour, I gave up on the thin insole that came in the shoe and replaced with it with the Spencho Arch Support Insoles, which I use in most of my everyday and playing shoes.  After adding the insole with a softer cushion, I was much more comfortable. Being a big fan of low shoes, the height, lightweight, and snug fit were all added benefits. I gave the Multicourt a 4 out of 5 in comfort.

Arch Support: 1  2  3  4 5

Comments: I have a medium arch, and the Multicourt 10’s naturally to my foot. Although personally I found it to be more comfortable once I put in the aftermarket insole, the original insole began to contour to the shape of my foot after roughly an hour.  I felt a very natural and tight fit to my arch and was pleased with how quickly the shoe began to fit to my foot’s natural shape. I rated these shoes a 4 out of 5 in arch support.

Foot Support/Stability: 1  2  3 4 5

Comments: Keeping in mind this is a low shoe; I knew not to expect the support that I would get from a higher shoe. That being said, I got exactly what I expected from them, which was good support. I have not had any ankle problems in roughly ten years, so I like the maneuverability of the shoe along with the support it offered. Even while planting my feet for a dive, or pushing off laterally to retrieve a pass I felt very stable. Again, the MC10 scored a 4 out of 5.

Traction: 1  2  3  4  5

Comments: Along with most gum rubber court shoes, the traction was superb for the Multicourt 10. As a player who makes very aggressive cuts and changes of direction, I was happy getting as much traction as I did from them. Nike’s soft gum rubber seems to grip the floor equally if not better than its indoor court shoe competitors.  Nike’s shallow tread is one thing that concerned me about the traction after a few months of use, but I have yet to have a problem with it after a few weeks of play.

Looks: 1  2  3  4  5

Comments: Cosmetically these shoes are just what I look for. As far as my taste in shoes, a company cannot go wrong with white and simple. They are a classy mix between white and silver with the classic black Nike “swoosh.” The gum rubber sole is not my favorite look, but it offers the most traction so I’ll gladly deal with it. The Multicourt 10 scored a perfect 5 out of 5 in the looks category.

What did you like about these shoes? I am a big fan of low shoes. I feel my performance peaks when I wear low shoes compared to shoes with more ankle support. Not only are they pleasing to my eye, the traction was great; they were lightweight, maneuverable, and stable. They fit my narrow foot with medium arch very well, and continued provide me with comfort, stability, and traction through the entire playtest. They fit, feel, and play very similar to their older sibling, the Nike Multicourt 9.

What did you dislike about these shoes? One thing that stood out that I was a little disappointed with was the lack of a comfortable insole. For me it was too thin and did not provide enough cushion until I replaced them. Also, the durability lacks a little compared to Nike’s competitors shoes. Although for a $55 shoe it continued to perform through a vigorous playtest. Albeit better than last year’s Multicourt 9, it began to show signs of wear and tear in the toe area in the later stages of my playtest.

Additional Comments: Being the newer version of one of my favorite racquetball shoes, I had high expectations of the Nike Multicourt 10 to perform extremely well. Once again, I was very pleased with the outcome of my playtest review. If you are looking for a sleek and lightweight shoe at a competitive price I would recommend trying the Nike Multicourt 10.

Overall Rating: 4.4

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New Beginnings

September 28th, 2011 by Ben Croft

As many of you may know in August of this year I accepted an incredible opportunity to work full time as Business Manager for Racquetball Warehouse. I moved to San Luis Obispo, California this past August, and between moving in and starting work, I was ready for this new chapter in my life. Needless to say, my training regimen has taken a backseat and I haven’t been able to do as much on and off court training as I have in the past.

My journey to the first pro stop in Overland Park, Kansas wasn’t ideal. After a seventeen hour traveling debacle, and a 2 a.m. arrival I had finally made it to my hotel room. My first match was scheduled at 1:30 p.m. against Alejandro Herrera, who is always a tough competitor. Being a morning person, I like to have the earliest match possible, so 1:30 wouldn’t be my first choice. But, coming from California, my body’s clock is telling me it’s only 11:30 a.m.

I get to the club about forty-five minutes before I play. That’s my perfect amount of time to prepare mentally and physically. Too much time and I get distracted and too little time and I obviously cannot properly prepare. That day I was extra nervous. There were so many thoughts running through my head. I had doubts of winning, fear of losing, and thoughts about whether or not I could’ve done more to prepare. But one thing I’ve always believed is if you’re not nervous, you’re not ready. I forced myself to push those thoughts aside and focus on the task at hand, advancing through the round of 16’s and into the quarterfinals. As we began playing, it didn’t take long for the butterflies to subside and for me to feel comfortable back in battle! Although noticeably rusty, it felt like any other match on tour. After about an hour, I was able to pull off a four-game win. 6,9,(11),4.

After the round of 16’s now begins my ritual of hydrating, eating, and sleeping. I rarely hang around the club after my first match. I head straight back from the club to get lunch to go then right back to my room. I’ve always been a believer in routine, and I stick to it religiously. Although I’d much rather be around the club to socialize, winning is my main objective.

My next match was at 7:30 p.m. against the number six ranked pro Jose Rojas and I was really motivated to win. Obviously Jose is a top player for a reason, and he is in the prime of his career. I stick to my same routine; I show up around 6:45 p.m. and start to prepare for my match. This time, you never know when you’ll play. With two tough quarterfinal matches in front of me, I go on with the assumption my match will be late. I’m forced to watch the match to see the progress. We try to avoid warming up and cooling down multiple times. The anticipation at this point is brutal! After two rollercoaster games that I was able to pull off, I lost the next game but pulled off the win in four games. 9,9,(7),2. After a long and hard fought match it’s time for a quick late night snack, water, and a good night’s rest. 

Saturday’s are always tough for me. Having made the semifinals numerous times, I’ve only been fortunate enough to advance into the finals once.  I try to prepare as much as I can mentally and physically. But this time, I could feel it wasn’t my day. My body wasn’t in good shape, and I was tired from the late night Friday match. All racquetball players have felt like this before. Knowing that no matter what you do to prepare won’t be enough to win is a helpless feeling. All I could do was go out there and play as hard as I can for as long as I can. Needless to say, there isn’t much to write about my semifinal match against Rocky Carson. It was a lopsided loss for me, and not the outcome I would’ve hoped for. Even when I lose I like to feel like I’ve given it my all, like my opponent knows he had to play his best and work his hardest to beat me. Unfortunately, that Saturday wasn’t my day.

Overall the Novasors Kansas City Pro-Am was an encouraging tournament. Given the circumstances, I walked away with my head held high. For the first time, I went into a tournament with a new perspective. As I continue to work full time and work on my game, I will have to figure out a way to continue to elevate my game with less time. I’m looking forward to the challenge of finding new ways to improve. With the US Open rapidly approaching, I better get off the computer and back to the courts!

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New Court Shoe: Mizuno now at Racquetball Warehouse

August 23rd, 2011 by Jackson

Mizuno Tornado 6 Shoes

When I first saw these shoes I wondered how much support the shoe could have with the gap between the bottom of the shoe and the rubber sole.  I have a weak ankle, and support is key to me when it comes to racquetball shoes.  I thought I would give these a try.  Most recently, I have been wearing the Asics Gel Volley Lyte and the Adidas 6-3-1 CC shoes.  Both of those shoes have been performing well for me, so I was reluctant to try another shoe, but went for it.

I have a narrow foot, and these shoes are ideal for individuals who have a hard time with the fit of the typical wide racquetball shoe.  When I put the shoe on, it fit great.  Was a little snug initially, but after about 10 minutes, was as comfortable as any shoe I have worn in a while.  The look of this shoe caught my attention right away.  It is sharp, classy and not overdone with colors.  The material is breathable and so far, rugged.

I have now worn this shoe approximately 16 hours playing both indoor and outdoor racquetball.  In both locations, the shoe performed well beyond my expectations.  The shoe is light enough to allow quick movements on the court, but sturdy enough to give the support on quick cuts and change in direction.  I have even slipped on a wet spot on the court and these shoes held up great.

Breathability is good.  I didn’t notice an issue good or bad on these shoes in that area, which tells me that they breathe good enough.  Even after several games on an outdoor court in 85 degree weather, my feet were not hot.

Overall, this is a great shoe.  As I mentioned earlier, I have been wearing the Adidas and Asics shoes over the past 6 months.  This shoe provides better traction and support than the Asics shoe, and is more comfortable than the Adidas.  Again, this shoe is not for individuals with a wide foot.  It has a narrow fit and will fit tight to your feet.

Tornado 6 Shoe

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Product Comparison – Python Gloves

March 22nd, 2011 by Ben

Racquetball warehouse has given me another opportunity to give feedback on a few gloves. The difference in this review versus the previous one I did is this is a brand new product that I had no history or opinion on prior to use. I have used python products for the past couple of years, and have a general positive opinion about them as a company.

I have had the opportunity to use these gloves for about a month, so I have had ample opportunity to develop an opinion on the product. I used these gloves with a racquet fitted with a python rubber grip.

Python Deluxe – View at RW

My first impression was this was the best looking glove out of the group. Turned out, it was the best glove out of the three. The fit initially was very good. It was snug and tight. I have not been a fan of gloves that have a strip through the palm, so I was hesitant on this glove from the beginning. This glove has played very well. The strip in the palm gives a bit of extra grip without being intrusive. This glove stretched out a bit and became softer after several uses. It was not to the point of making it difficult to play with, but it was noticeable. Overall, a very good glove, and I would not hesitate to add this to my collection of gloves to use for a tournament.


Python Copperhead - View at RW

Based on price, this would be considered the middle glove of the group. Right out of the package this glove fit well, and played well. The grip was very good and the mesh backing allowed the glove to breathe well when playing. After a couple of games I found that the glove stretched and I had several issues with gripping the racquet with this glove. I tend to sweat quite a bit and this glove did not hold up well when dampness. The dampness is balanced out with the fact that my hands did not sweat as much due to the breathability of the glove.


Python Super Tack - View at RW

Initially I looked at this glove and thought “this looks good.” I really like the looks of this glove. At the low end of price, I did not have high expectations when I used this glove. The fit was good and tight right out of the package. I was not initially pleased on how the glove played as I was having slippage of the grip. This glove was the rare exception that started to play better after a few usages. The more I played with the glove, the better it became. The durability is great and it didn’t seem to lose anything after a few uses. It actually got better. For a low price glove, you can’t go wrong with the Super Tack.


Written by Jeff Kettering

Elite level player

Representative of the pros

Friend of Racquetball Warehouse

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Hi-Tec M550 – A Unanimous Winner

December 1st, 2010 by Ben

With all of the technology and engineering Hi-Tec has put into their designs, they really have shoe making down to a science. The M550 is the newest incarnation from Hi-Tec and our playtesters received it with open arms. This shoe hybrids technology and materials used in previous 4:SYS and H700 models to create the perfect player’s shoe. Unbeatable support and a light breathable upper combined with the locking lace system gives your foot the superior ventilation that is usually cast aside with the stifling materials used to provide support.


Our testers tried this shoe out for an average of 20 hours and gave it an overall rating of 4 out of 5. Though views were slightly varied throughout the categories they all agreed that Hi-Tec has produced a high performance shoe for a wide range of skill levels. Our testers for this playtest ranged from B to Top 10 Pro in skill and from 15 to 55 in age. We have paraphrased our tester’s comments below for easier reading:

Comfort- 4

Out of the box, the shoes were comfortable to wear and had a minimal break-in period. Comfort and Arch Support both received a 4 out of 5 rating on average. After allowing adaptation to the new materials during court movement, all of the testers agreed that the shoes exhibited aspects of comfort that allowed them to forget that they were even wearing shoes, commenting that, “after the initial break in [they] were very comfortable. It is one of the few shoes I’ve worn that allows you not to think about the shoes while playing.”

Foot Support / Stability- 4.5

Stability is where this shoe really shined. All of our testers agreed that the stability was outstanding, “The most stable low tops I have worn.” Even our testers with ankle troubles found the shoe to be very supportive and reassuring when it came to planting and changing directions. Typically stability is sacrificed at the expense of comfort, as softer materials tend to be more comfortable, but lack the stability of a stiffer structure. This was not the case for the M550 as our testers found that the stability played nicely with the comfort.

Traction- 4.5

Backing up the stability was the traction of the shoe, which was well received by our testers. One of the players mentioned that, “On one occasion I was playing with an individual that was slipping all over the court, and I had no problems while wearing the Hi-Tec shoe.” The Peak Force gum rubber outsole is what can take credit for the great traction our testers experienced on a variety of different surfaces.

picture-2The only complaints to come from our testers pertained to the fit of the shoe, commenting that the opening seemed a little small, which caused some discomfort with the positioning of the tongue on the foot. The stiff materials presented a problem for some at first but after a brief break in period they could all agree it was not an issue.

With comfort, traction, and stability highlighting the performance of this shoe, it is easy to see how Hi-Tec hit the mark for those looking for a competitive high performance shoe. The testers spoke on their experience and Hi-Tec has the science to back it up, now it’s your turn to give these shoes a run for your money and see how a well-made shoe can amplify your experience on court.


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IRF Junior Worlds In LA

November 18th, 2010 by John Ellis

On the road again….. I’m heading down to Los Angeles this morning to watch a little junior racquetball while representing the best company in racquetball, Ektelon!! I’m excited about this trip as I’ll be travelling with my homies from Stockton. Making the five and a half hour trek with me is Jose Rojas, Bobby Horn, Jose Serrano and Jesse Serna. We’ll be heavily supporting Jose Diaz and Markie Rojas as they make their way through the Boy’s 16′s Singles and Doubles draws. Naturally I’ll be pulling for the US Team but it’s not that clear cut for me anymore as I’ve gotten to know a lot of international racquetball families and there are a few players outside of the US that I’ll be rooting for. All in all, this will be a great three day trip and allows me to stay in touch with junior racquetball.

So, as I look at the Playoff Bracket Draws this morning, I’ve noticed a few interesting match ups that will happen in the next few days. Here’s my take on the FIVE MOST INTERESTING MATCHUPS @ THE JUNIOR WORLDS………

5) I’ll begin with my girl Devon Pimentelli and her future semifinal match with Maria Jose Vargas. Devon is a player that I work with about once a month and she has a ton of natural talent. However, she’s a shy little thing and sometimes that personality trait comes out on the court, causing her to play unagressive. That can’t happen vs Maria Jose as she packs a ton of energy and desire into her game. Maria has owned the matchups so far but I know Devon has been chomping at the bit to get another chance at Maria and she’ll get it in the semis Friday at 2PM.

4) Thanks to the upset loss by Alex Cardona in his pool play, he’s now seeded 8th and staring directly at Taylor Knoth in the quarter finals of the Boy’s 18′s Singles. This is not good for either player as Alex beat Taylor in the finals two years ago in the 16 & Under Worlds. But times change and now they’re playing early. Advantage Taylor in this one as I believe he’ll carry more confidence this year, his last as a junior. He’s a strong dude that has had some good experience over the last two years. If he plays as well as he can, he’ll win in two.

3) Staying in the Boy’s 18′s, whomever wins the Knoth vs Cardona match will then have to deal with Carlos Keller, assuming he can get by Mexico’s Jaime Martell. I believe he will and Carlos will advance to the semis and in my opinion, beyond. Carlos is my pick for the Boy’s 18′s so I expect him to work his way through the draw and meet Brad Kirch in the finals. I’ve been aware of Carlitos for some time now as I’ve traveled through Bolivia in the past and had several games against him. He’s an awesome talent that will threaten to be a top player on the IRT some day. He’s my pick for the next two years!!

2) Making my way back to the girls and you find maybe the match of the tournament in the Girls 18 & Under semi finals with Aubrey O’Brien vs Jessica Parrilla. This isn’t a sure thing as Jessica will have to get by Maria Paz, but she will and she’ll be ready for Aubrey in that semi. Aubrey is a top level WPRO player at 18 years of age with a ton of great experience. Jessica is a lot of fun to watch with her all out style on the court and serious attitude if things aren’t going her way. I expect a tough tiebreaker in this one and I’ll resist the urge to make a pick this time. I’ll be rooting for Aubrey as a Nor Cal player but wouldn’t be too bummed if Jessica won. Match of the tourney and seats will be tough to come by.

1) Lastly, I have to go with my favorite junior match up out of all of them. Jose Diaz vs. Markie Rojas in the Boy’s 16′s final. Now, both are definitely no sure thing and I dare to say that Markie will have a tough time making it to the finals. But I’ve learned never to count these two out when they have a chance to play each other because at only 17 years of age for each, they’ve played a ton of mathes already and always seem to find each other in draws, whether it’s junior or open play. The way these two communicate with each other is hilarious to watch and I probabaly like that part of the match better than the play. Diaz is always a showman and Markie always looks so stressed against Jose. Jose Diaz won the last match at a tourney here in Stockton a few months ago, but that’s certainly not the finals of the Junior Worlds. Markie’s ankle was badly sprained about eight days ago and I’m sure it’s affecting him. Both have a long way to go and a couple of Mexican players to get by first, but if they do then I’ll take Diaz is this match as he’ll pounce on Markie and the bad ankle, making sure to make the most of the opportunity.

Okay, I’ll try to blog again on the morning of the finals, which will be Saturday. I’m sure some of these matchups won’t take place but I sure hope they all do!!

Keep em rollin……………. Elli

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Get a Grip on the Right Glove for You

September 20th, 2010 by Ben

by Jeff Kettering

About the Play Test

During this test, I tried 9 different gloves from 6 different companies. One thing I found is there is definitely a difference between gloves. Although most of them got the job done, I noticed quite a bit of difference between several of the gloves, and some felt much better to play with than others. During this testing period, each glove was used for a minimum of 5 games and I tend to be a person that changes gloves after every game. Also, all of the gloves were tested using a Python Rubber Grip. I tend not to dive much, so dive padding or any other protection of the fingers did not get tested.

***As a general comment Ektelon gloves tend to run larger than all the other gloves. All the gloves tested were size large, with the exception of the Ektelon gloves, which were mediums.***

Ektelon Cool Max Ice

This glove out of the case fits extremely well. It is quite a bit thinner than the other gloves, but the extra added grip on the palm makes up for the thinness of the glove. This glove is tackier than most of the gloves that were used, did not stretch after several games played and breathability was good. For a thin leather glove, this one is great. I did get some irritation on my hands after several games with this glove on, which I believe was due to the thinness of the leather and the rough rubber grip. Overall, a very good glove.


Ektelon O3

This glove right out of the package was one of my favorite gloves I used. The fit was great (size M) and the thicker leather was enough to give the hand the extra protection. The leather on the palm was durable and gripped very well. My hand did tend to sweat more in this glove than others and that is more than likely due to the thick leather and added material on the top of the glove. The only downfall I found on this glove was that after a few games it did tend to stretch out a little. I would strongly suggest when buying/ordering this glove that you buy at least one size smaller than you would in other gloves.


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